- PAYG tech believe that tech support should be available to everybody.
- Technology issues cost companies & individuals hours of wasted time every year.
- We provide an instant service to quickly and cost effectively resolve any tech problems.
- We charge only for the Time You Use. Using to offer secure trusted platform for Payments.

1.Get Registered.

  • Click here to get Registered
  • we require you to get registered first before helping. but don't worry if this is your first time we do not require any form of payment.
  • newby's to the service will get a free 15 min session to try us out!

2.Tell us whats UP?

  • Once you have registered you will be connected to our support AI where you we answer a few question on your tech issue.
  • Our AI will within seconds assign one of our experts withe expertise in the problems field
  • the expert may ask you for a few more details before he decides we can help!
  • we will then give you an idea of the time frame for the fix! so we all know how much everything is probably going to cost.

3.lets get connected!

  • Now we are happy we can help, the expert will send a request via are chat system to get connected
  • depending on the issue this could be by voice over are chat interface or via a remote connection
  • If an remote connection is necessary the expert will send you a file to install
  • Once installed the expert will connect to your device and the clock will start
  • If you have just registered with us you will get the first 15 minutes for free. but if this your first rodeo you will have to have a valid payment system set up
  • As soon as the clock starts we will take a payment for the first 15 minutes of service and automatically take a second payment after 15 minutes has passed

4.Sit Back & Will Get it Sorted

  • once are experts are connected to you we will either talk you through the solution.
  • or you can watch on your screen as the expert controls your PC and fixes the issue.
  • You maintain the power to stop the charging system by closing down the chat interface or closing down the remote connection
  • Once are expert is happy the solution has been found we will disconnect stopping the payment system
  • After this you can check everything is resolved and rate your expert
  • If you still have issue you will still be able to chat to your expert using the chat interface